Ncaa men basketball Today

Ncaa men basketball Today


Limousine services in the Stuttgart area

Limousine services in the Stuttgart areaThere are few things more enjoyable in business than having a reliable chauffeur or Limousine service. The peace of mind in knowing that you will arrive to your destination on time is simply priceless. Driveline, managed by Andreas Belser are a company that uphold the values of customer service and continued excellence in this profession.


With Driveline, you are able to choose a smart Mercedes in a range of different models. There are many different reasons why you want to have use a limo service, perhaps you have a special event planned or an important business meeting. If you are more visual person have a look at our Pinterest page.






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The One Perk On New Cars That Are Not Worth It

The One Perk On New Cars That Are Not Worth It

Do you know what a lot of new cars now days come with? They almost all come with On-Star and the reason I bring this up is because most people pay for it but never even use it. I know On-Star is supposed to be a insurance type perk for if you get lost, get in an accident or just lock your keys in your car but the truth is most people have a cell phone and On-Star is just another step that takes you longer to get where you need to be. My advice is when offered On-Star for free turn it down and try to get something else.


What most people don’t understand about getting On-Star for free is it is actually going to cost you for every time you use it. Usually car dealerships are able to give you access to On-Star for a month or so and if you don’t cancel it then the amount gets added onto your payment. What you must understand is even accepting On-Star the dealership where you buy the car from will charge you a small fee for their services. When it comes to using On-Star it truly is a great program but as far as a lot of people are concerned, they don’t drive enough to need it and most importantly if they were to be stranded some place they would just call a tow truck or a police officer for help using their cell phones.


The last thing you need to understand about some of the perks you will be offered when buying a new car is some of them are worth more than others. For instance if you were to receive a free 2 year extended warranty then that would be something you would not want to turn down. You need to keep in mind that the longer the warranty is the more your cars value is going to hold up. Remember one thing when it comes to getting free perks with your new car, it doesn’t matter what you get, the only thing that matters is the price you pay for the car doesn’t go up every time the dealership gives you something for free.


For years now, limousines services have been associated with pomp and opulence. Driving in a limo is always exciting but unfortunately, not many people can afford to buy one for personal use. However, you can get reliable limo service that will help you realize your dreams thus making a grand entry into any special occasion and making heads turn a bit in amazement.

limo guide

How to find great limousine services

Consider Seating Capacity: Before hiring limo service, it is always important to consider the seating capacity vis-à-vis the number of people in your group. Stretch limousines have different seating capacities and this makes it very important for you to consider the one that will serve your needs without causing you any inconveniences. Always remember that luxury car rental is about convenience and relaxation. You do not want to have an overcrowded limo or leave some in your team stranded simply because they cannot fit in the car.

Compare Limo Service Prices: Stretch limo rentals do not come cheap and this is perfectly understandable. However, it is always important to compare limousine rental prices in your area and determine which one offers you the best deal vis-à-vis the services provided. This simply means that you will not be picking a limo simply because it is the cheapest but have to consider all the services in the package to determine whether you have a great deal.

Insurance Guide for Limo: Limousine service provider of choice should be adequately insured. This is a very important feature to consider for all commercial vehicles and the limo you are looking for happens to fall under that category. You should be bold to ask the luxury car rental provider to show you the insurance papers associated with the stretch limo you want to drive in.

Limousine Make and Model: Everyone has a preference and this also comes into play when looking for stretch limousine rentals. With a number of car models available, you will need to consider the one that best serves your needs and gives you the style you are looking for. Some of the most exotic limousine models in the market range from Hummers to Roll Royce, Excalibur to Corvette Limo among others. Depending with your occasion and preference, you might find one type better that the other.